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iPad Mini-All you need to know.

From iPad to iPad 2 then the new iPad, the iPad 3 which just came out also this year, 2012. And then here comes the Mini iPad that will be released on November 2nd. Whaddup Apple! Perfect timing for bonuses and Christmas holiday! 

So… here are the important specs of what you need to know about the new Apple family member:

  • 7.2mm thick and weighs just 308g (just as thin as pencil and 50% lighter than the iPad 1/2/3)
  • 7.9-inch, 1,024 x 768 screen (same resolution with the iPad 2)
  • 10-hour battery life
  • iOS 6
  • A5 processor
  • Similar specs with iPad 2 (it’s just mini)
  • It goes with only two colors (Black and White)
  • It has the same dock connector with iPhone 5 (the small one)
  • 5 megapixels main camera (also has front cam but not as good as the main one)
  • Available in 16gb, 32gb and 64gb. (wifi, wifi with 3G)
  • Price starts at $329

Hotcake! Hotcake! Hotcake!

That’s pretty much it. 

On a different note, Tim Cook once said:

"We would never make a 7-inch tablet"

Yah right, it’s 7.9 baby, almost 8” :|


iPad 4 is coming.

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I just like this McDonald’s commercial. The music, the lyrics, the video, the humor.

One of their besttt commercials. ”Iba talaga mag advertise ang mcdo.”

It brings positivity in me whenever I hear it. Hope you get the same feeling too! 

Hooray for today! 

Hooray for mornings and things that make them good
Hooray for beaming smiles that make my day
Hooray for stops and gos
Hooray for colors and quick hellos
Hooray for surprises that walk my way
Hooray for friends I’ll make, oh hey…hey!
Hooray for treats that make me smile,
Like magic stripes that fill the sky
Hooray for days that make me say,
Oh Hooray for today! :)

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iPod touch 5th Generation Overview

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Just a quick overview.

So giddy when I found out that Apple has finally released the iPod touch 5th generation after 2 years! I swear, they really innovated this one 10x higher than what I’ve expected.

What improved? I’ll say, a whole lot.

  • The latest ipod touch comes in five colors. White, Black, Cyan, Yellow and Red.

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  • Wider display like the iPhone5, LED flash, thinnest 6.1mm, weighing in at 8grams
  • The new earpod!^
  • ios6
  • SIRI
  • A5 processor
  • 5megapixels panorama cable-camera
  • Also, there’s a loop on the edge that allows you to connect lanyards and the like.

I’m falling in love with this already <3 HAHA.

So tell me about the price!

  • $299 for the 32GB 
  • $399 for the 64GB

or basically around 16,000! Exagge ka itouch!

Wish they also have in 8GB and 16GB, but NO. :( 

The thing is, would you spend that much of money for that rectangle awesome thing? 

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Four days no overtime? Posible! ;)

This week has been not so busy with everything. After two weeks of not going home to my beloved town Baliuag, tomorrow is the day! Can finally spend time with fam and relatives. 

It’s been a week, such a lonnnggg week of feeling uncomfortable with breathing. The sore throat to fever to dry cough to cough is the reason. It’s annoying and embarrassing coughing in public and in the office :/ I haven’t gone to any check up yet since I woke up a bit late for daytime appointments. I need to see a doctor definitely this weekend! If there’s any clinic…open…out…there. Teehee I’m afraid that I might have acute bronchitis again. I had it when I was in Grade 5, made me skip school for two weeks! And as far as I can remember, that was the last time I had cough… :[ 

Anyway, this song has been playing in my head so also thought of posting it on here. 

Happy weekend everyone! :D

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So yah, I know, once I said that I won’t spend too much $$ on gadgets anymore but I think I’m about to break it again </3 since when I met the Sony Xperia Acro S. It just came out on the 3rd Quarter of the year. I find this device real awesome, way cooler than the latest iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc. after reading the reviews and all that. (well, for me)

Why I find it interesting?

  • the design is classy, especially the black one. It’s weird how I usually liked the white mobile phones but for this one the black has the appeal for me.
  • the 12mp camera! Who needs an SLR now? 
  • the card slot. Yes, it’s an Andriod phone with up to 32GB expandable memory. (16GB internal)
  • it has the latest Android OS. (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • dust and water proof!
  • it has the BRAVIA engine. 
  • HDMI
  • powered by dual-core 1.5GHz processor

That’s pretty much it, enough said to love this new specie. Please see this link for the full specification, Acro S

Done with iphone and blackberry. I think its time to try something new. 

And and and before I forget, I have come up liking this phone also because of the Sony SmartWatch! Will post for this thingy next :D

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